PV Module

Efficient monocrystalline bificial solar modules

EM-N60M (460-480w)


EM-N60M460 / EM-N60M465 / EM-N60M470 / EM-N60M475 / EM-N60M480

Positive power tolerance : 0~+5W

IEC61215(2021), IEC61730(2023)

ISO9001:2015 : Quality Management System

ISO14001:2015 : Environment Management System

ISO45001:2018 : Occupational health and safety management systems

Product features

  • SMBB technology

    Better current collection to improve module power output and reliability.

  • Bifacial power generation

    Power generation can reach up to 25% maximum, significantly improving power generation gain and reducing LCOE.

  • Anti-PID technology

    Excellent Anti-PID performance via highly reliable cell and material technology

  • Low attenuation technology

    Lower LID / LETID attenuation with high reliable N-type module

  • Excellent temperature coefficient

    Ensure high power generation in low temperature areas.


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